How to arrive
to Camping Igara San Sebastián

First you must arrive at Avenida de Tolosa (Tolosa Avenue)in order to connect with Calle Bernardo Estornés Lasa  (You can reach this avenue directly from the highway nº 12 “ Ondarreta Entrance”).

This connection is made when accessing the Diario Vasco roundabout in Igara. When you are in Bernardo Estornés Lasa street, continue straight on, you continue straight through the next roundabout to the end and you will see that you can head to the right or to the left; take the left exit (You will see a car dealership on the corner).

Go straight ahead, leaving the car dealership mentioned above on your right. When this road ends you will see that there is a stop sign, continue straight ahead (1 km approximately) and you will have to watch out for an entrance on your left that leads you into a small forest.

Once you are in the forest, you will have to drive 2 kilometers without deviating from the road until you find the establishment. On the way you will see indications that will take you to the main door of Camping Igara de San Sebastián.

“There is another way by which you can reach our establishment although it is not entirely recommended. Many times, we put in the GPS “go to the indicated address by the fastest way” and because there is no traffic … this option directs you through the entrance of the highway of Usurbil and once there you will be just 4 km from CAMPING IGARA. It’s a small road not recommended for large vehicles since, despite its size is a two-way road. For all these reasons, our advice is to reach CAMPING IGARA across the Avenue of Tolosa de San Sebastián.”